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Medinah, IL Furnace & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance

About Medinah, IL - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Medinah is located in the northeastern part of Illinois in DuPage County. To the north of Medinah you will find yourself on Elgin-O’Hare Expressway and to the south, U.S. Route 20. In 1924 members of the Chicago’s Medinah Temple built a country club here and the name Medinah was adopted.  Today 2,100 residents call Medinah home.

Visitors traveling to this area are undoubtedly headed to the world class Medinah County Club. Being 90 years old, this club has a very rich history. The club has hosted 13 professional golf tournaments. Tiger Woods was crowned a champion on this course along with several other professional golfers. While visiting here be sure to stop in and spend some time in the Golf Lobby where you will find a wealth of interesting and historical artifacts and pictures describing the clubs 90 year history. There also is a well-established parks and recreation center in Medinah. The Medinah Parks District was established in 1965 and today the district includes 7 parks on 105+ acres. There are many opportunities for residents and guests of all ages to enjoy indoor or outdoor activities in this park district.

In a given year the weather in Medinah can range from 14 to 87.  This change in weather makes reliable heating and air systems a priority so that residents can maintain comfortable living quarters at home. Temperatures average in the 70’s during the summer months and golfers enjoy pleasant long days on the course. Residents can expect temperatures below freezing for most of the winter with an average of 36” of snow. These residents may enjoy some ice skating during the holidays but they will head indoors for most of their entertainment during the winter months. Temperatures fall below freezing for most of this time and with such a demand on the furnace it’s important to have one that is reliable and efficient.